Our Solution

Building a confidential computing ecosystem around a set of shared values to achieve real time collaboration across diverse supply chain stakeholders.
We believe in the power of insetting: Achieving carbon neutral targets of corporations by actively transitioning supply chains into climate smart models of production.
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The Interoperable Platform

Food Security Partnership is built on the Producers Trust interoperable technology platform in partnership with Kuza to organize supply chain data to connect last-mile tech farmers to downstream buyers and a network of service providers.

Theory of Change

Buyer-side commitments to climate smart commodities drive farmer access to markets, logistics, finance, and insurance to incentivize improved practices.

Authentic impact reporting and origin validation ensures an integrity driven system.

Food Security Partnership is hosted on a Confidential Computation Environment to enable secure data share to scale food security efforts.

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Our four-step process to achieve scalable impact:

  • 1. Technology Transfer
    1. Technology Transfer
  • 2. Aggregate Data & Outputs
    2. Aggregate Data & Outputs
  • 3. Data Verify
    3. Data Verify
  • 4. Commercialize
    4. Commercialize

Business Model

Direct commercialization of agriculture and aquaculture products and carbon credit outputs increase the money returned to farmers.


FSP Business Model - desktop versionFSP Business Model - mobile version
FSP Commercialization Ratios - desktop versionFSP Commercialization Ratios - mobile version

Commercialization Ratios