Our Projects

The Food Security Partnership is organized on a project basis. We aggregate networks of farmers and commercialize their data and outputs. Here is a partial list of our initial project partnership pipeline.

  • AgriVillage Africa

    AgriVillage Africa

    In partnership with Kuza, we are leveraging an existing network of 4,000 agripreneurs and 800,000 farmers to educate climate smart agriculture practices to sell outputs at higher values.

  • AgriHaven


    AgriHaven is a scaled agriculture infrastructure development in Jamaica and Bahamas that provides import replacement and a center for regenerative agriculture demonstration, training, input production, and post harvest processing and packing.

  • Digital Transition with IICA

    Digital Transition with IICA

    Scaling supply chain digitization, climate smart agriculture technology transfer and carbon reporting across 33 countries in which IICA operates.

  • Sonora, Mexico Food Impact

    Sonora, Mexico Food Impact

    Scaling regenerative production and infrastructure for climate-smart speciality and commodity products across hundreds of thousands of hectares.